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Re: Win 9x Clients FAIL to Connect after upgrade to Sarge!

Did you check your logs?

Some things did change between woody and sarge ... my smbd couldn't find
the printcap file anymore because it got renamed (CUPS).

Grtnx Wouter

Op wo, 07-09-2005 te 16:46 +0100, schreef Clive Menzies:
> On (06/09/05 16:08), Lawrence Houston wrote:
> > Debian USERS:
> > 
> > After upgrading from Woody to Sarge I find Windows 9x Client are unable to
> > Browse/Connect to Samba Shares!!!  Windows 2000 and Linux Clients are
> > working as they had before the Upgrade from Samba 2.2.X to 3.0.X, but the
> > Windows 9x Clients no longer see anything within their Network
> > Neighborhoods, fail on searches by Hostname and attempts at Network Drive
> > Mounts???  The Windows 9x Client are set for SHARE Mode and the Samba
> > 3.0.X Server has Encrypted Passwords Enabled in USER Mode, with both the
> > Upgrade's "tdbsam" (and the original "smbuser") Backends having been
> > tried...  It is important my Windows 9x Clients maintain sharing over the
> > Private LAN, therefore I am NOT looking forward to returning my Router to
> > Woody unless this issue really can NOT be resolved???
> > 
> I waited 24 hrs to see if someone could point you to a solution but ....
> I have a number of sarge servers running Samba 3.0.14a-3 and serving a
> heterogeneous client base including Windows 98 and 98SE clients.  It
> worked out of the box (for MacOSX clients, I had to explicitly share
> users home directories in smb.conf).
> It may be something to do with the nmbd settings.
> I'm not sure what the issue may be but perhaps posting the smb.conf file
> is a starting point?
> Regards
> Clive
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