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Thunderbird and HTML - correction (was: Re: Mutt and html)

On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 03:52:28AM +0100, Peter J Ross wrote:

> Drifting further off-topic, I notice that Mozilla Thunderbird defaults
> to sending html email.

No it doesn't, as I've learned after too hastily submitting a wishlist
bug (#327011). The default is to *compose* as HTML, but to *send* as
plain text, with such elements as boldface, bulleted lists and
graphical smileys converted to plain text equivalents. HTML is used
only for recipients specified in preferences as wanting to receive it.

That's a really nice feature, IMO, but I wish it were less confusingly
described. "Compose as HTML" seems naturally to imply "Send as HTML"
to me.

Apologies to any Thunderbird developers who may be reading for
maligning their software.

PJR :-)

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