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Re: Thunderbird and HTML - correction (was: Re: Mutt and html)

On Wednesday, 07.09.2005 at 13:13 +0100, Peter J Ross wrote:

> On Wed, Sep 07, 2005 at 03:52:28AM +0100, Peter J Ross wrote:
> > Drifting further off-topic, I notice that Mozilla Thunderbird
> > defaults to sending html email.
> No it doesn't, as I've learned after too hastily submitting a wishlist
> bug (#327011). The default is to *compose* as HTML, but to *send* as
> plain text, with such elements as boldface, bulleted lists and
> graphical smileys converted to plain text equivalents. HTML is used
> only for recipients specified in preferences as wanting to receive it.
> That's a really nice feature, IMO, but I wish it were less confusingly
> described. "Compose as HTML" seems naturally to imply "Send as HTML"
> to me.

I took it to mean that too, which is why I deliberately uncheck "Compose
as HTML" when deploying it.  The fact that it will actually *send* in
plain text, even if I forget to uncheck "Compose as HTML" is actually
quite handy, although confusing as you point out :-)

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