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Re: sendmail trouble

Bob Proulx wrote:
> James Vahn wrote:
>> I'm unsure why sendmail runs as root if exim/postfix don't.
> In order to deliver mail to the local user's mailbox the MDA (mail
> delivery agent) needs to run as the user.  Same for being piped into a
> mail filter such as spamassassin.  In order to switch to a user the
> program needs root capability.  Also to bind to the network port 25
> (privileged ports below 1024) requires root.  Since sendmail is one
> single program it is that program that runs as root.  In Postfix there
> is a root run master program for that purpose.  But the other tasks
> are run as a non-root user.                         ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

I'm still unsure as to what those other tasks would be.

>  define(`SMART_HOST',`esmtp:smtp.$m.')dnl
>  R$* < @ $* .$m. > $*    $#esmtp $@ $2.$m $: $1 < @ $2.$m > $3

Horrible, isn't it.. But I believe you could have used a mailertable for
both examples. It's a first-match routing table that can also specify the
mailer to use.  It's been a function of sendmail for a long time:

.my.domain             xnet:%1.my.domain
uuhost1.my.doman       suucp:uuhost1
.bitnet                smtp:relay.bit.net
.                      relay:mail.smarthost.com

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