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Re: installation problems with SATA drives

On Sunday 04 September 2005 01:52 pm, SALAH NOURI wrote:
> Hi,
> did anybody figure out how to install debian on a machine with 2 or
> more SATA drives?
> i get the error "no partitionable media" when booting the installer
> with the default parameters.
> and booting with expert26 gives me "no common cd-rom drive was
> detected".
> Thanks.

There is a good thread on the debian-amd64 list about this. To 
plagerize: the sata chipset needs to be supported by the kernel you 
have. Even when a module exists sometimes the installer/discovery 
process fails. During the install you can change to another VT and 
'modprobe <module>', then back to the partitioner, if you know the sata 
chipset and the module it uses and it is in the kernel you are using.
Greg Madden

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