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Re: X windows libraries??

On Sun, Sep 04, 2005 at 07:06:05PM -0300, Pablo Bullian wrote:
> Hi!, I'm new in this and i have a problem trying to compile some programs.
> I try the ./configure with bochs and it give me this error the same i
> think that the compilation of aMsn give me.
First of all, there is already a bochs package in Debian and it is the
latest version (in Sid).  In fact, there are packages for each of
wxWidgets, X11, SDL, libsvga, and ncurses.

Second, qemu is a much better alternative.  Having used both, I can tell
you that qemu is more robust, performs better and is just easier to use.
You might want to give it a shot.

> configure: WARNING: Bochs for wxWidgets cannot be compiled here, disabling it
> checking for default gui on this platform... x11
> ERROR: X windows gui was selected, but X windows libraries were not found.
> I think i have to tell in the ./configure where the libraries are, but
> where are they??
You need to install the development libraries.  To compile a wxWidgets
program you need libwxbase2.4-dev, libwxbase2.4-dev, and
libwxgtk2.4-contrib-dev (for a wx2.4 program) or libwxgtk2.6-dev (for a
wx2.6 program).  For an X11 program you need x-window-system-dev, which
should pull in all the dependencies you need.

> Thanks a lot


Roberto C. Sanchez

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