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Re: installation problems with SATA drives

did anybody figure out how to install debian on a machine with 2 or more SATA drives? i get the error "no partitionable media" when booting the installer with the default parameters.
and booting with expert26 gives me "no common cd-rom drive was detected".

- make sure you have recent install, I think you need at least kernel 2.6.9 (or maybe higher, the early 2.6.x kernels didn't work)

- you can choose SATA disks to appear as regular IDE disks (/dev/hd*) or SCSI disks (in kernel config: CONFIG_SCSI_SATA=y, plus module for your chipset (lspci should tell you what you have) and SCSI disk support)

  then check your boot messages, the disks should be recognized...


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