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Re: canceling apt-get install

Rick Pasotto wrote:
> I'm basically keeping up2date with testing. 'apt-get upgrade' wants
> to upgrade libc6 but the upgrade wants to first stop gdm. I did an
> 'apt-get install' of only a few programs but evidently one or more
> of them depended on the new libc6.
> Two questions:
> 1) Will stopping gdm kill my X session that I'm running apt-get in?

Yes.  Stopping gdm (or kdm or xdm) will kill your current X session.
And presumably your current apt-get install process too.  You can
restart it from the text console.  I usually use CNTRL-ALT-F1 for

> 2) How do I tell apt-get that I *don't* want to upgrade libc6 just now?
>    It insists on doing so and I can't install anything else in the mean
>    time.

I assume that you control-C'd to break out of the installation but now
see that doing anything else tries to continue the previous operation?
That should be fine.  In that case there are a few options depending
upon many things.

* apt-get remove the packages that want to upgrade.  Now that they are
no longer depending upon the new libc6 apt should no longer want to
upgrade it.

* Downgrade the packages to previous versions so that they no longer
depend upon a newer libc6.  'apt-get install packagename=version'


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