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non-free internet radio?

NooB Disclaimer:
Though I've used unix/linux for many years, it's mostly been on servers or just
bash/csh command line environments. I've just installed Sarge on a brand new
system and I'm really liking it. I'm still a bit of a NooB when it comes to
desktop related features (configuring X, watching DVDs...)

Anyways... My question relates to internet radio feeds. Some of the stations I
like to listen to over the internet actually offer feeds in formats that aren't
a problem for linux (mp3, ogg) but most stations give you a choice between
Windows Media Player and Real Player. I know that Real has a linux version of
their player, but I'd rather not install it. Real player for windows always
seems like total spyware, and it's totaly anoying with all ads & popups it puts
up even if it isn't spyware.

Is there a reasonable free/open source solution out there that will let me
listen either of these stream types?

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