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Re: non-free internet radio?

On Sun, 04 Sep 2005 11:05:58 -0700
Colin Andrews <debusr@headbonk.com> wrote:

> Anyways... My question relates to internet radio feeds. Some of the stations I
> like to listen to over the internet actually offer feeds in formats that aren't
> a problem for linux (mp3, ogg) but most stations give you a choice between

If you set things up (for instance use mplayer plugin) then mplayer (or
xine, kaffeine, amarok etc.) can play the content without too much
trouble, although, I'll admit this has been a sticky point in the past.
Radio stations sometimes make it difficult to find the actual media
resource locator for their feeds, and as such you have to slog through
a few pages to get to the actual url you need to put on the command

Sometimes, getting the .pls or what have you file will give you an
embedded media resource locator file that you can simply hand off to
one of those players and have it play the content for you. I've
employed this technique (for instance : $ mplayer `cat radio-feed` )
where the "radio-feed" file is a file that looks like:


(one radio station profile chosen at random, though this one seems to
be setup for realmedia aka realplayer).

Once you know the real address for the station feed, it's not too much
of a chore to get one of the free (i.e., oss) players to play the
contents, although you may need codecs and other libraries to do it.
Over here, I have a number of kde icons (shortcuts) with names of
radio stations - one click and up pops a konsole or xterm with mplayer
(or ogg123) playing the feed content. That works fairly well, but it
would be nicer if the radio station content were more integrated into
the players, which is one thing about Windows Media Player I actually

But the real trick is to get the browser to open one of a number of
alternatives (mplayer, xine, etc.) when encountering a click here sign
saying "listen live" or equivalent. Again, mplayer plugin works quite

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