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Re: Seeing a wierd behavior with Sarge, Gnome, Thunderbird, Firefox, and to an extent, KDE.

Andy Peed wrote:

My problem is this: I would like to click on a link in a message I am reading in Thunderbird and have it opened in a Firefox browser window. (I'd prefer a new tab in an existing Firefox window, if there is one, but I'd settle for a new Firefox window.)
However, any link I click on gets opened in Konqueror.

In Gnome, I have specified Firefox as the preferred browser under Applications->Desktop Preferences->Advanced->Preferred Applications.

with "dpkg-reconfigure mozilla-thunderbird" you can change the type of
browser integration you want. If you select 'GNOME', Thunderbird uses
the default gnome browser. If you select 'Debian' you have to adjust it
with update-alternatives, as root, but I don't know the exact options ;)

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