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quanta and bluefish project files sharing


I have been using quanta for the last week to see how it performs. It
looks quite impressing and so far it is going pretty well (though I
haven't looked at all it's features). One little quirk I have noticed is
that quanta doesn't auto indent .php files (or I am missing something).

I am going to try bluefish next. I was wondering, is there anyway I can
import the web project files of quanta into bluefish? And second, any
opinions on comparison of these two HTML editors? BTW, almost all of my
website's files are php files.

Running on Debian Testing, 2.6.11 kernel, and:
ii  bluefish  1.0-1    advanced Gtk+ HTML editor
ii  kde       44       the K Desktop Environment official modules
ii  quanta    3.3.2-6  web development environment for KDE


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