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Seeing a wierd behavior with Sarge, Gnome, Thunderbird, Firefox, and to an extent, KDE.

I'm wondering if any of you have seen anything like this, and if so, how you solved it.

On my Linux box, I have installed (amongst other things but I think only
these are relevant):

* Debian stable (Sarge), kernel upgraded to version 2.6.8-16;
* Gnome version 2.8;
* Mozilla-Thunderbird, version 1.0.2 (although the titlebar reads "Debian Thunderbird"; is it a package specific to Debian?);
* Mozilla-Firefox, version 1.0.4;
* KDE, version 3.3.2, which includes
* Konqueror, version 3.3.2;
* mime-support, version 3.21-8.

Since it's a desktop machine, and I didn't dink around with the default install, both KDE and Gnome are installed. I initially used KDE, found some niggling things I didn't like, and ended up switching to Gnome as my preferred desktop enviornment.

My problem is this: I would like to click on a link in a message I am reading in Thunderbird and have it opened in a Firefox browser window. (I'd prefer a new tab in an existing Firefox window, if there is one, but I'd settle for a new Firefox window.)
However, any link I click on gets opened in Konqueror.

In Gnome, I have specified Firefox as the preferred browser under Applications->Desktop Preferences->Advanced->Preferred Applications.

In Firefox itself, I have configured it to be the default browser and verified via the button there that it is, indeed, the default browser.

In the KDE KControl Panel, under KDE Components->File Associations->Text->HTML, I have specified Mozilla-Firefox as the
preferred application.

What am I missing?

If, in KControl, I go to KDE Components->Component Chooser->Web Browser and explicitly specify 'mozilla-firefox' to be used when opening http and https URLs, a link selected in Thunderbird will open in Firefox... BUT in addition to the desired Firefox window, I get an empty Konqueror window AND a button on the window selector for an additional Firefox window that never actually complete manifests itself.

If I edit /etc/mailcap and explicitly copy the mozilla-firefox invocation for text/html into the User Section, clicking on a link in Thunderbird will open a Konqueror window with an error dialog which reads "Could not find the program '%u'". This happens even if I comment out ALL the invocations of konqueror in /etc/mailcap.

Any ideas or clues would be greatly appreciated...

-- Andy

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