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Re: Putty (plink) causes zombie process while executing a command

Roel Schroeven schrieb:

> I'm sorry, I can't really help: when I try that, it works perfectly. At
> least I guess it means that your syntax is correct.
> For the record, I did it between from a Windows box to a Debian box on
> the same LAN. The Windows box runs Windows XP SP2 and Debian is Sarge.
> plink without arguments says I'm using release 0.58.
> Do you have similar problems when you use putty itself instead of plink
> to connect to the Debian box?

I'm using PuTTY Link (plink) Release 0.58. I connect from a German
Windows XP SP2 client to a Debian Sarge server. Even executing "echo
hello world" causes a zombie process:

Dos prompt>plink mburger@host echo hello world

Sarge prompt$ ps ux
mburger 28993  0.0  0.1 3728 2040 ?   S    18:48  0:00 sshd:
mburger 28994  0.0  0.0    0    0 ?   Zs   18:48  0:00 [bash] <defunct>

I tried to disable colored prompt and the "message of the day" -
nothing helps.

Using  PuTTY (the Telnet and SSH client itself) to connect to the
server causes no problems. I really have no idea what causes the zombie

After killing process with pid 28993 on the Sarge box, plink prints
"FATAL ERROR: Server unexpectedly closed network connection" to the Dos
box. Executing the command "plink..." a second time it works, it prints
"hello world" to the Dos box. In most cases, the first executed command
causes a zombie process, after killing the process and calling plink a
second time it works. But if I change the command executed remotely, it
causes a zombie process, again.

Regards, Martin

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