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Re: Putty (plink) causes zombie process while executing a command

Martin Burger wrote:


I'm trying to execute a command on my Sarge box using plink (Putty) on
Windows XP. E.g.: plink -A -2 -ssh auser@host.some.where ls -l

But instead of listing my home directory in my dos box, the command
hangs. If I check the processes on Sarge, I see a zombie process "[ls]
<defunct>". After killing the process on Sarge and executing the
command in the dos box a second time, it lists my home dir.

So, a few times the command works, but in most cases there is a zombie

Any idea why plink causes the zombie processes? How can I debug that

I'm sorry, I can't really help: when I try that, it works perfectly. At least I guess it means that your syntax is correct.

For the record, I did it between from a Windows box to a Debian box on the same LAN. The Windows box runs Windows XP SP2 and Debian is Sarge. plink without arguments says I'm using release 0.58.

Do you have similar problems when you use putty itself instead of plink to connect to the Debian box?

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