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Re: Putty (plink) causes zombie process while executing a command

On Sat, Sep 03, 2005 at 10:06:41AM -0700, Martin Burger wrote:
> [...]
> PuTTY is a client program running on Windows for the SSH, Telnet and
> Rlogin network protocols. Plink is a command-line interface to the
> PuTTY back ends (comparable to ssh executable, I think).
> [...] 
> plink runs in a Dos box (on my client) and should execute the command
> "ls -l" on host.some.where (the Debian server).
> [...]

Ach!  I got it into my head that you were working from the debian 
box and couldn't see the obvious!  Thanks for taking the trouble 
to explain it to me.  I understand your problem now but I'm afraid 
I can't offer any suggestions :(


David Jardine

"Running Debian GNU/Linux and
loving every minute of it."  -L. von Sacher-M.(1835-1895)

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