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Help with CD-ROM

I am a linux newbie - real new with just enough knowledge to be dangerous to

I have the Woody CD set and installed Debian multiple numbers of months ago.
I was running a web server with no issues and then the power supply for my
computer died.  I replaced the power supply and brought the computer back
up.  After playing around I think I messed up something and decided it would
be easier to reinstall and start over clean.

However, now the computer will not find my CD-ROM at all.  It was working
when I installed Debian but I'm not 100% sure what was "driving" the CD for
the installation (windows or linux).

I have searched and can find nothing definitive.  I did find a loose
connector that went from the CD not being in the system at all (no wonder
with no connection) to getting an error message of Unable to identify CD-ROM
format from dmesg.  When I try to mount the CD from within Gnome I get the
following: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom,
missing codepage or other error.

I'd appreciate any comments that anyone wants to chime in with as I'm pretty
much at my wits end at this point.


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