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Re: What value does putting dns-nameservers in interfaces do?

2005/9/1, Eric Brown <yogieric@mac.com>:
> In testing, I'm installing postfix and it is pulling in this
> resolvconf package. resolvconf is trying to tell me that it is much
> better to put my name servers in /etc/network/interfaces. But why?
> What is the benefit?
> Does I need this line for each defined interface or just at the top
> of the file for all interfaces?
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They're for each interface.

I think that the reason is because you can have different interfaces
connecting  by different ways (for example in a notebook); when you
connect by ppp or by dhcp normally the nameservers are defined by


# This file describes the network interfaces available on your system
# and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5).

# The loopback network interface
auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

# The primary network interface
auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static
        # dns-* options are implemented by the resolvconf package, if installed

auto ath0
iface ath0 inet dhcp
Franco Gorziglia Cheviakoff

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