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Re: Help with CD-ROM

Don Munson wrote:

>I have searched and can find nothing definitive.  I did find a loose
>connector that went from the CD not being in the system at all (no wonder
>with no connection) to getting an error message of Unable to identify CD-ROM
>format from dmesg.
So you're saying you reconnected the cable, and now you're getting
different results?

>  When I try to mount the CD from within Gnome I get the
>following: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/cdrom,
>missing codepage or other error.

Go into a terminal window, and run "dmesg | grep hd"; you'll should get
some information about your hard drives. Your CD drive may show up as
something like /dev/hdc.

With this info, manually mount the CD with the command "mount /dev/hdc
/cdrom"; you'll have to do this as root, so run "su -" once you've
opened the terminal window to become root within that terminal.

If you have access to another machine on which you can download and burn
a CD image, burn yourself a Knoppix, Kanotix, Mepis, or some other
LiveCD. See if you can boot from it. This is a good test to make sure
your CD drive/hardware is working properly.


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