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Re: Debian-laptop.org

Kevin Coyner wrote:

On Wed, Aug 31, 2005 at 06:24:17PM -0400, Philip Schwartz wrote......

I am pleased to announce that debian-laptop.org will be the home
of the Debain on Laptops Information and Guide repo.

Great idea but way too heavy of a website for me with all that Flash
and music.  Just my two cents.

Wow, I agree (and i'm usually not critical at all of someone else's idea of a busy, fun website).

Here's what it looks like in firefox (where i do more browsing than from any other browser, though i regularly use epiphany, konqueror, mozilla, safari, links and lynx as well)


I do think the idea of a debian laptop site is a fantastic one though, and I'll probably start randomly clicking on links to try and find the content pretty quickly even if you don't get rid of all the glitter :-]

	keep on keepin on,


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