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Re: Problem with the setup process

Raj M wrote:
I am a newbee to the linux system.
In order to have debian as my OS, I downlaoded from
the debain website, the stable 3.1 version. I
completed the installation as per the debian setup.
Now after rebooting and entering the login and pwd
information, I get the following information.
"Debian GNU/Linux comes with absolutely no warranty,
to the extent permitted by applicable law. Home@debian: ~$"

I am stuck after this message. What should I do next?
I couldn't find any tips/direction in the Debian book
that I have with me.

I may be mistaken, but I thought somewhere in the install process it mentions to use tasksel.

From the prompt that you were on: tasksel

That will give you the option of installing environments that you want.


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