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Re: call for a vote -- should debian-user mailing list replies go to author or to list?

Am 2005-08-24 11:42:28, schrieb Dave Ewart:

> Does anyone have a list of MUAs which have this functionality?
> In my experience:
> - Outlook/Express: NO
> - Mozilla Thunderbird: NO, although "Reply to All" gets halfway.  You
>   need to remove the original sender's address from "To" and change the
>   "Cc" for debian-user to be "To".  Actually, re-reading that, that is
>   probably too cumbersome and should count as a full "NO".
> - Pegasus Mail: NO
> - Mutt: YES (my client of choice)


> Paul, you appear to be using KMail, which given your remarks I presume
> you feel it merits a "YES"?
> What about other clients?

Pine:   YES

Eudora Lite:    NO
> Dave.


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