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Re: Hardware issues

There are unofficial sources of multimedia packages for Debian that can make your computer quite complete, in terms of multimedia editing. I have done a few myself. Here is some explanation http://debian.video.free.fr/, though things may look cryptic, a little. Dvd and multimedia related free software packages are transcode, dvdrip, dvdauthor, avidemux, mencoder, mplayer, streamer and ffmpeg, to name a few. If you really wanna edit dvds and video under linux, sooner or later you will bump these folks. I'm not sure but I think the ati tv tuner can be made to work with linux drivers, with enough time and effort. Audigy definitely can.
Good luck!


John Kirkby wrote:

Thanks for your suggestion David. I have now downloaded [and put on disc] Knoppix, Ubuntu and Gentoo. Haven't tried them yet as I will be erasing my H-D 1st. Hope I can get all my cards working with at least one of these OS's and can then come across some video/DVD editing software and avoid going back to Microsuck! Thanks again. PS: I live just outside of Stratford, ON, Canada. On August 19, 2005 04:53 am, David Goodenough wrote:
On Thursday 18 August 2005 23:33, kirkby@quadro.net wrote:
Hi, I am wondering if it is possible to use Debian as my OS and be able
to get my soundcard [Creative Sound Blaster Audigy Gamer-24bit] and
TV-Tuner card [ATI TV Wonder-Pro] to work. Have tried simplyMepis and now
Mandrake 10 and can't get them to work. There is an ALSA driver that
suppossedly works for my soundcard. I suppose the best solution would be
to invest in a soundcard and TV tunercard that include a Linux driver,
but can't reaaly afford them right now. Was until recently using XP-PRO
with which all worked well. I made a lot of DVD's. Would like to continue
doing that without the expense and hassles of Microsoft products:eg. if
you erase hard-drive you get major hassles trying to get the product key
accepted again! So thought Linux and Debian in particuliar to be an
alternative suited to me. But only if I can get all my cards working as
well as being able to record and edit video files [MPEG-2 from several
sources] as I had before. My videocard [ABIT R9600XT-V10/ with ATI chip]
is working fine at least, and ATI does make a Linux driver [which I
didn't need to install] for some of their newer cards but not the TV
Wonder. So would hope there is some software available for DVD production
available as well. But the main thing now is whether I can get the above
mentioned cards to work. Hope you can advise. Yours' Sincerely John. kirkby@quadro.net [Stratford ON Canada]
Try getting a copy of Knoppix, and try running that on your PC and see if
it can handle all of your hardware.  Knoppix runs from CD so you will not
damage your existing setup just in trying it.  Knoppix is also Debian based
so if Knoppix can drive your hardware then almost certainly Debian can
be made to.


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