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Mars_Nwe with a modern distro?

Greets All;

Preface: I am a linux n00b:

I'm trying to install Mars_nwe on a debian (sarge I believe it is
referred to) 3.1 box, running kernel version 2.4.27-2-386; I've found
several releases for this emu, but none of them want to compile for me;
I've tried using alien to convert rh rpm's to deb, but this doesn't
seem to help; Should I install an old kernel / old version, (this is
critical to me) for compatibility for the old code? I installed the
"older" version of gcc (I believe it is called) as to help with the
make errors, but I don't know how to "force" debian to use the old
compiler. I get separator errors, and from what I've read, this has to
do with spaces instead of tabs; I ran "rhide" expand, as well as
another gnu text util, to try and clean up the code; Unfortunately, I'm
not a coder of any sort, so it is fruitless to corse through the code
and try to fix it.  Has anyone successfully set up Mars with the latest
distro (stable) of debian?  Any suggestions or advice would be greatly
appreciated; this is quite a frustrating ordeal.

Cheers: J-Rad
nospamradvansky AT gmail dot com (remove nospam and staple it together
if necessary)

"The difference between me and a madman is that I'm not mad" -Salvador

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