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Re: demon usb modem [WAS: suggestions of uncapped Broadband >512Kbp in UK]

At 12:22 12/08/2005, you wrote:

On Friday 12 Aug 2005 12:03, TreeBoy wrote:
> The instructions I followed were:
> http://linux-usb.sourceforge.net/SpeedTouch/docs/sargehowto.html
> However, you do *not* need to do configure the kernel.
> You *do* need to "apt-get install speedtouch"!
> You do *NOT* need to install hotplug - 'cos it's already there.
> You *do* need to get the firmware!
> You do not need to install the hotplug script the "apt-get install
> speedtouch" inserts that for you.
> You need to configure PPPoA and create your /etc/pppp/peers/ file. I called
> mine "demon" and it looks like this:
> debug
> lcp-echo-interval 10
> lcp-echo-failure 3
> noipdefault
> defaultroute
> user "mydemonusername@myaccesspoint.demonadsl.co.uk"
> noauth
> noaccomp
> nopcomp
> noccp
> novj
> holdoff 4
> persist
> maxfail 25
> updetach
> #usepeerdns
> plugin pppoatm.so
> 0.38
> Notice that I have commented out "usepeerdns" this is because of other
> parts of my setup.
> Next, you *do* need to setup chap-secrets and pap-secrets with your
> details.
> libatm1 should be installed as a dependency of speedtouch.
> That should be it - now just "Plug and Play"!
> Good luck.
> TreeBoy

Some of this may not be necessary if you are running a >2.6.10 kernel.

This explains:


I'm running 2.6.11 kernel so that implies just download the relevant file (speedtouch-firmware_0.3012k_all.deb). I then did a 'dpkg -i' on this (is that all I need to do?!??!), set up peers/demon based on above and amended pap_secrets to end:

-- begin snippet --
# OUTBOUND connections

# Here you should add your userid password to connect to your providers via
# PAP. The * means that the password is to be used for ANY host you connect
# to. Thus you do not have to worry about the foreign machine name. Just
# replace password with your password.
# If you have different providers with different passwords then you better
# remove the following line.

(none)  *       password

michael * [demon password]
-- end snippet --

(couldn't see what to change in chap_secrets and I understand that ppp (with 2.6.11) knows about pppoa so nothing to do there. not sure how ppp knows to look up /etc/ppp/peers/demon thou....

so needless to say i may be closer but i ain't there yet!

cheers, michael

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