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Re: demon usb modem [WAS: suggestions of uncapped Broadband >512Kbp in UK]

At 19:20 11/08/2005, you wrote:

On Thursday 11 Aug 2005 18:19, michael wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 13:13 +0100, various wrote:

> I've signed up with Demon and got their USB modem - but Debian doesn't
> bring up eth0. Do I have to anything extra before I can use their modem?
> Thanks, Michael

Ooh bum - you've selected my suggestion! - no pressure!

Anyway - which modem did you get ?

The modems that I have direct experience of do not have ethernet - they've
been models of the SpeedTouch USB modem (the 320 and the 330)

Yes, it's a speedTouch 330

If it is a SpeedTouch there is a user space driver (apt-get install
speedtouch). Therre are hundreds of places around the web that explain how to
do speedtouch and debian.

I'm running unstable and the package info seems to imply I don't need to add anything...

Basically the modem behaves in a very similar fashion to a normal dial-up
modem: i.e. you have to set up ppp.

I thought i had this... but it dhcpdiscover (IIRC) tries a couple of things during boot and then quits...

Unfortunately, I can't track down anything right now as I'm cooking tea for
the wife and me. Will definitely get back to you later this evening if you
haven't succeeded on your own.

No probs...

Thanks, M

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