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OT: suggestions of uncapped Broadband >512Kbp in UK

OFF TOPIC (not sure which is more appropriate list)

I've moved house and need to get Broadband installed. I'll be running X
from a remote site and it seems a 1Gb or 2Gb cap will be too
restrictive. So any suggestions of uncapped (reliable) B'band ISPs in
the UK - preferable at 1Mbs or higher.

I considered Tiscali & NTL but then I saw too many negative reviews [NB:
there's no cable in my street so it'd be NTL's freedom service and it's
unclear which of NTL's services were being slated). The next best seems
Tesco - uncapped but only 512Kbps...

Surely there must be more/better!

Michael Bane
Atmospheric Physics Group
University of Manchester

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