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Re: Serial comm program

On Wednesday 10 August 2005 01:27, Chris Palmer wrote:
>Gregory Seidman writes:
>> Actually, I'm pretty happy with minicom. Are you unhappy merely
>> because it was written in the 90s? Or because it is text-based (as
>> is its purpose, after all)?
>As Unix-like-system afficionados, we can't afford to get uppity
> about what decade our software was designed and implemented in. :)
>Like Gregory, I find minicom entirely sufficient. In fact I very
> nearly like it.

And I'm the other side of the fence here folks.  It needs help IMO,
lots of it.
It doesn't handle screen functions well when run from an x
screen so the screen is always contaminated, and accessing its 
functions is also difficult if
one doesn't memorize the whole man page.

We had a much better term program on the coco, Supercomm2.3, and on
the amiga's, term-4.7.  Both of those were written to take advantage
of the native gfx available on their repective platforms.  Minicom
apparently hasn't been touched in 15 years, and seriously needs to be
brought uptodate, with the ability to operate on an xwindow equipt
system in whatever size shell screen its given.

Cheers, Gene
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