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Serial comm program

s anyone aware of  a decent comm program for Linux?  Something along the 
lines of SecureCRT for Windows?  (SecureCRT is a commercial program.  There's 
supposed to be a Linux port in progress but I'd much prefer to use Open 
Source.)  I can't seem to find anything but stuff that was written in the 
'90s like minicom  or programs that have limited capabilities.  For example, 
Komport (KDE's serial comm program) is limited to a 25 x 80 screen, despite 
the fact that it's a GUI program.  I'm looking for a GUI program with a 
scrollback buffer, scripting, multi protocol support (ssh in all its various 
flavors, serial port, telnet, rlogin), session logging, etc.  This is the 
kind of technical itch that I would think lots of programmers would scratch, 
but I haven't been able to find anything close.

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