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Re: Broken /var filesystem

Joey Hess wrote:

David A. Cobb wrote:
I found a huge problem with my /var filesystem. Or, at least, fsck was going to take all day and more fixing 11 inode block numbers each pass. It's supposed to be possible to clean /var, or at least FHS suggests so.

Not really, it only says you can delete data from /var/cache.

So, I re-initialized /var.

Welcome to a nearly endless world of pain. Where are your backups, BTW?
Ah, yes. Backups. Waiting 'til I can afford a RW+DVD or some other suitably high-capacity device to make them onto. :-!

Can anyone identify what directories and files dpkg requires to exist?

/var/lib/dpkg/status (empty)
If that doesn't work, I figure by tonight I will go back to my Woody-CD's and build up again from there.

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