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Broken /var filesystem

I found a huge problem with my /var filesystem. Or, at least, fsck was going to take all day and more fixing 11 inode block numbers each pass. It's supposed to be possible to clean /var, or at least FHS suggests so. And it was messing me up horribly anyway. So, I re-initialized /var.

One of the things that vanished, of course, is dpkg/apt's memory of what is installed. Right now, dpkg doesn't think dpkg is installed! Everything runs, until it needs to refer to the database. I googled around, and found some similar reports. The proposed cure involved installing 'mawk' and 'dpkg' with '--force-depends.' Then I should be able to re-install libc6, on which nearly everything depends.

However, before I can get to that point, I get " unable to create updated files list file for package mawk: No such file or directory". So, it looks as though I need to manually re-create at least one more directory. I checked the "contents.gz" files, but they only mention files that are actually present in the tarball, not those created by the installation scripts. I think, if I can get past this, I can get dpkg to re-install itself and that will cure whatever other things are destroyed.

Can anyone identify what directories and files dpkg requires to exist?


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