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Re: GMail pop & fetchmail

On Sun, Aug 07, 2005 at 11:32:49AM -0400 or thereabouts, Gregory Seidman wrote:

> } > This works for me in .fetchmailrc:


> All I can do to help is to post the (sanitized) /etc/fetchmailrc I use to
> fetch my and my wife's email from gmail:

Thanks, Gregory. 

I don't believe my problem is with fetchmail syntax, as I've tried several minor
variances of syntax known to work, all with the same output -- Which would seem
to indicate that the SSL line is the problem. So, clearly it's an issue between
fetchmail and OpenSSL -- I think ...

I'm using Sarge, which was upgraded from Woody quite some time ago. Was there
anything that needs to be done to setup fetchmail with SSL support, offhand ? I
have OpenSSL enabled on my  Apache server, so I know it works and is set up
properly (for that use anyway ...).

Can anyone enlighten further ?

Steve <http://sweetpig.dyndns.org:1000/>
Sunday Aug 07 2005 11:45:02 AM EDT
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