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Re: alsa and oss configuration

Lubos Vrbka <shnek@tiscali.cz> wrote:

|> then, i can use my soundcard via OSS (how come? i didn't compile the
|> OSS in. is it coming from the emulation?) 

Yes. OSS emulation in ALSA means that you can access your soundcard even
with programs that only understand OSS.

|>                                        only root can access
|> the mixer (/dev/mixer) and dsp (/dev/dsp), although my user is a 
|>  member of the correct group (audio) that owns the files in /dev. 
|> changing permissions of these 2 files to 666 helps.
|> why adding user to a group doesn't solve it?
|> i tried alsaconf to find my card - didn't find anything. also, 
|> alsamixer fails:
|> function sdl_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory

/dev/dsp and /dev/mixer are the device-files used by OSS (and therefore
also by the OSS emulation-layer in ALSA). Native ALSA applications like
alsaconf, alsamixer, and aplay use a different set of device files---the
ones in the /dev/snd/ directory.  It sounds like maybe those device
files do not exist or are not being created.

I assume you're using udev (since you're using the 2.6.11 kernel)? That
will normally create the needed nodes in /dev/snd at boot time. But it
might be worth checking that they are there.

|> what's going on here? do i need to remove the abovementioned OSS
|> emulation parts of the kernel and compile them as modules? or does the
|> problem lie somewhere else? the answer is probably obvious, but i can't
|> see it...

I would leave OSS emulation as is, since there are plenty of widely used
programs that will only work with OSS emulation, and it doesn't normally
cause any problems. 

Alsaconf, AFAIK, will only work if you use modules for audio support
(rather than compiling support in to the kernel). And it's my general
sense that ALSA is really designed with kernel modules in mind. 
Maybe you should recompile using modules, then run alsaconf?  That
usually does a good job of setting things up as long as there is only
one soundcard in the system,


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