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Re: OT: suggestions of uncapped Broadband >512Kbp in UK

On (03/08/05 12:35), michael wrote:
> OFF TOPIC (not sure which is more appropriate list)
> I've moved house and need to get Broadband installed. I'll be running X
> from a remote site and it seems a 1Gb or 2Gb cap will be too
> restrictive. So any suggestions of uncapped (reliable) B'band ISPs in
> the UK - preferable at 1Mbs or higher.
> I considered Tiscali & NTL but then I saw too many negative reviews [NB:
> there's no cable in my street so it'd be NTL's freedom service and it's
> unclear which of NTL's services were being slated). The next best seems
> Tesco - uncapped but only 512Kbps...
> Surely there must be more/better!

We've been on PlusNet for 3 years and amongst their bewildering array of
products, you should find what you want. We've just been advised that
our speed should go up to 2Mb initially and 8Mb therafter.

We use metronet companies for domain registration and cheap hosting for
some clients; they seem to have a good broadband offering



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