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Re: OT: suggestions of uncapped Broadband >512Kbp in UK

michael wrote:

OFF TOPIC (not sure which is more appropriate list)

I've moved house and need to get Broadband installed. I'll be running X
from a remote site and it seems a 1Gb or 2Gb cap will be too
restrictive. So any suggestions of uncapped (reliable) B'band ISPs in
the UK - preferable at 1Mbs or higher.

I considered Tiscali & NTL but then I saw too many negative reviews [NB:
there's no cable in my street so it'd be NTL's freedom service and it's
unclear which of NTL's services were being slated). The next best seems
Tesco - uncapped but only 512Kbps...

Surely there must be more/better!


For sheer value for money Bulldog's LLU service probably can't be beaten at around 17 quid a month for 8Mb/s. Obviously you'll only get those rates if you're close enough to your exchange to get the necessary line signal/noise.

It does depend upon how you describe "value for money" though, because their customer service is nothing short of horrific. I suppose if they don't charge much they won't be paying their staff too well and judging by the comments on the Bulldog forums if you have no technical savvy you'll be helpless. These forums are awash with people whose service has been "activated" but have received no advice from Bulldog about how to log on and get underway. Many people have had their telephone service cut off for weeks on end. In my case they changed my phone number without informing me, which eventually has you wondering why you haven't received any calls for days - business or personal. Apologies? Don't be ridiculous. That would mean a customer service advisor speaking to one of their customers. Their CS number almost always returns an answer phone message to tell you how busy they are and then kills the call without even queuing you. Emails to them are replied to automatically with a reference number, invariably followed by... nothing.

On the internet side, obtaining even simplest information such as FQDNs for their servers (which other ISPs publish prominently on one of their top-level web pages) is like trying to extract blood from a stone. When I asked for the name or address of their IMAP mail server the reply was "I'm afraid you'll need to ask IMAP about that" ;O) Priceless. They've been told by advertising standards to remove the "award winning ISP" banner from their web site and the situation is now so bad that OFCOM are getting involved:


They don't run a usenet service, which is a bummer - they probably don't want to risk a death penalty from the rest of usenet after their first week. Their user's web portal is abysmal too, not even running an ftp service to get your files on line.

When the service they offer you works it works well. Getting to that point is the problem, and the CS situation really does need to be resolved or I'll be amazed if they stay in business.

You're right, this is well off-topic. I just couldn't resist the chance to educate a few people about Bulldog Communications.

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