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Re: I am getting angry at debian mailing list.

Hal Vaughan wrote:
> On Tuesday 02 August 2005 09:32 pm, John Hasler wrote:
>>BTW, the footer is not present at the foot of your message as displayed by
>>Gnus, though it is present in the file.  Looks like Gnus hides the footer
>>when there's a signature.
> I had the same experience with KMail.  I saw the message, with the normal 
> border and frame KMail gives signed messages, but the unsubscribe message 
> didn't show.  I laughed at the irony and was thinking of responding, but 
> didn't when I checked the e-mail source and saw it was KMail's gaff.
> Hal

It was discussed earlier too. Check the thread
http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2005/04/msg03582.html and I wrote
about the footer not coming out in some emails in


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