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Re: Practical problems faced by new Debian user

doofus wrote:
> Harsh. Some credit must go to the entrepreneurial spirit of he whose
> choice (big free software term, right?) it is to do things by the seat
> of his pants.

    Yes, credit to that person who does so, understands that's what they're
doing and most importantly does not complain about problems which are already
addressed.  It is this last part on which the OP failed.  :)

> Why are these inadequate tools still there if not to be used? I'm not
> trying to be argumentative, I think it's a reasonable question. The
> beautiful aptitude can be used on even a bare minimum command-line
> installation on rock bottom hardware, so why keep all the superseded
> antiquities when we've clearly moved on?

    Because we haven't.  Aptitude, apt, synaptic all use what tool to do the
installations?  dpkg

    dpkg is nice to have around for when one needs some quick information
(dpkg -L, dpkg -S).  It also does all the grunt work for the other tools.  Why
replace that which works fine?  :)

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