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Re: Practical problems faced by new Debian user

Steve Lamb wrote:

   I hate to say it but this isn't a practical problem.  This is a PEBKAC.
Harsh. Some credit must go to the entrepreneurial spirit of he whose choice (big free software term, right?) it is to do things by the seat of his pants.

You're insisting on downloading individual files and installing them with the
most basic of tools instead of availing yourself to several higher-level tools
which take care of all that for you.  Complaining that there are problems with
the basic level tools which have have been solved years ago by the development
of other, standard, tools is a problem of ignorance.

   Use apt, use aptitude (my suggestion), synaptic or any other higher level
tool which takes care of dependencies for you.  You'll save more time and
trouble in the long run.

Why are these inadequate tools still there if not to be used? I'm not trying to be argumentative, I think it's a reasonable question. The beautiful aptitude can be used on even a bare minimum command-line installation on rock bottom hardware, so why keep all the superseded antiquities when we've clearly moved on?

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