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Re: swapon -a does not work when bootin, but it _does_ work from the command line

Problem solved!

In my particular case the SATA driver was not loaded at the time when the SATA 
partition/swap space was mounted. I finally managed to find the solution by 
serching on mount problems with SATA drives instead of concetrating on 
problems with swap space activation (see the excellent page at 
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30233 )

The soulution for me was to add the following line in /etc/modules which loads 
the apropriate  (nvidia) SATA driver:


I do think that there is a bug in debian - since earlier the sata driver was 
loaded later during harware detection (but this was done after mounting 
partitions). I beleive that changeing the initation order should remedy this 
problem. Should this be reported as a bug?

Best regards - Jan

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