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Re: Aptitude erroneously thinks many packages are unused and wants to remove them.

Christian Pernegger wrote:
>>That's the point.  _It_ (aptitude hasn't been told to install them.
>>This situation often arises when packages have been installed with
>>apt-get, in which case it's not aptitude's fault that _it_ doesn't know
>>that you want to install them.
> I'd assumed that there were just two package states concerning that:
> manually installed: not marked with A
> auto-installed: marked with A
> Even if there's a third, neutral, unmarked state - it's still a
> problem in my eyes when users switch from dselect to aptitude.

It's not a problem if you tell aptitude what to do when you start using it.

> Where does it say "thou shalt only use one package managing frontend?"

It doesn't say that anywhere.  You are free to use whichever one you
want.  In addition, if you think there is a bug in aptitude, please file
a bug report.


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