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Re: Aptitude erroneously thinks many packages are unused and wants to remove them.

> Briefly, run aptitude in interactive mode - ie # aptitude
> If you press g (only once), the proposed actions will be displayed, you
> can then 'h' hold packages you don't want removed.

Since this is basically the issue I brought up a day or so earlier...

Why should users have to wade through a (potentially long) list of
packages and tell aptitude to install [+] or hold [=] the packages
they don't want removed? After all it's been told to install the
package at some point, and without an order to the contrary shouldn't
even consider removing it. Maybe an explicit upgrade order for a
single package should have this effect, but not the standard bring me
up to date sequence ([u], [U], [g], [g]).

Again what's the advantage over the old "don't auto-remove a package
under any circumstances" behaviour? Especially given that this could
easily be adapted to ""don't auto-remove a package unless it is marked
auto (A)".


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