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Re: Aptitude erroneously thinks many packages are unused and wants to remove them.

Christian Pernegger wrote:
>>Briefly, run aptitude in interactive mode - ie # aptitude
>>If you press g (only once), the proposed actions will be displayed, you
>>can then 'h' hold packages you don't want removed.
> Since this is basically the issue I brought up a day or so earlier...
> Why should users have to wade through a (potentially long) list of
> packages and tell aptitude to install [+] or hold [=] the packages
> they don't want removed? After all it's been told to install the
> package at some point, 

That's the point.  _It_ (aptitude hasn't been told to install them.
This situation often arises when packages have been installed with
apt-get, in which case it's not aptitude's fault that _it_ doesn't know
that you want to install them.


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