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Re: switchdesk question

On Sunday 31 July 2005 15:34, Eric Cheney wrote:
>On Sunday, 31 July 2005 at 10:56:44 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Sunday 31 July 2005 09:54, Clive Menzies wrote:
>> >On (31/07/05 09:30), Gene Heskett wrote:
>> >> New debian user, old readhat/fedora user.
>> >>
>> >> I have sarge installed and had aptitude install both gnome and
>> >> kde. gnome looks ok I guess althought there are errors, but I'm
>> >> a kde fan and the utility called 'switchdesk' doesn't seem to
>> >> be available...
>> >>
>> >> I tried to do an 'aptitude install switchdesk' and got this
>> >> error synopsis after it munched thru the database:
>> >> ------------
>> >> Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched
>> >> "switchdesk"
>> >
>> >The package doesn't appear to be available in Debian; it might be
>> >insorporated into the main package but it's a while since I used
>> > kde. However, if you're talking about the ability to switch
>> > between virtual desktops, it's part of KDE, I recall using 8
>> > desktops.
>> No, I want to switch the desktop from gnome to kde.  How is this
>> done in debian?
>If you have gdm installed, when you log in using gdm you can choose
>which "session" to log into using the mouse.  Someone will have to
>help you if you use kdm or xdm.
>There's also a file called .dmrc store in your home directory that
>stores you default session.  I don't know if that is contingent on
>having gdm installed.  You could edit that.  I have something like
>"session=xfce4" to start....  If you want to start gnome, I think it
>would be "session=gnomesession".  I am not sure about kde.

Mine is really, really, helpfull, not!


><Eric Cheney>   cheney@soc.umass.edu

Cheers, Gene
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