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Re: switchdesk question

On Sunday, 31 July 2005 at 10:56:44 -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Sunday 31 July 2005 09:54, Clive Menzies wrote:
> >On (31/07/05 09:30), Gene Heskett wrote:
> >> New debian user, old readhat/fedora user.
> >>
> >> I have sarge installed and had aptitude install both gnome and
> >> kde. gnome looks ok I guess althought there are errors, but I'm a
> >> kde fan and the utility called 'switchdesk' doesn't seem to be
> >> available...
> >>
> >> I tried to do an 'aptitude install switchdesk' and got this error
> >> synopsis after it munched thru the database:
> >> ------------
> >> Couldn't find any package whose name or description matched
> >> "switchdesk"
> >
> >The package doesn't appear to be available in Debian; it might be
> >insorporated into the main package but it's a while since I used
> > kde. However, if you're talking about the ability to switch between
> > virtual desktops, it's part of KDE, I recall using 8 desktops.
> No, I want to switch the desktop from gnome to kde.  How is this done 
> in debian?

If you have gdm installed, when you log in using gdm you can choose
which "session" to log into using the mouse.  Someone will have to
help you if you use kdm or xdm.

There's also a file called .dmrc store in your home directory that
stores you default session.  I don't know if that is contingent on
having gdm installed.  You could edit that.  I have something like
"session=xfce4" to start....  If you want to start gnome, I think it
would be "session=gnomesession".  I am not sure about kde.
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