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udev - easy setup ?

Hi, and yes, I read the great source written by Dan:

Only, it is too difficult for me to understand, and I read it a few times.
Though I have to consider the idea to create the device nodes as
phantastic, I also have to dismiss its current implementation as
'braindead', because nobody can be expected to devise rules like 

BUS="usb", KERNEL="sd*", SYSFS{product}="USB 2.0 Storage Device",
NAME="%k", SYMLINK="usbhd%n"

to get a thumbdrive loadad.


This is my problem for which I your help:

I have a notebook with USB-floppy; with udev.
When I plug the floppy, it comes up as sda1. So I put it into fstab, 
otherwise it wouldn't mount. Now it mounts fine.
When I plug a thumb-drive to the notebook, udev allocates sdi1. 
So I put sdi1 into fstab. Now both can be mounted properly.
Now, when I unplug both and plug back the thumbdrive only, 
udev makes the thumbdrive sda1. The mess starts: thumb doesn't mount.
This is actually where the site above - sorry to say - doesn't help me
further. I have understood how I could identify the {product} and get
*this* thumb drive to be allocated the sdxxx of my liking; but my problem
is much different: I simply want *any* USB mass storage show as sdi1, so
that my mount applet can work on any. And any USB-floppy to get sda.

Can anyone get me closer to a solution, please ?


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