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ugly X fonts on laptop [Re: OK, a second try: New Debian User needs help!]


This list has a lot of traffic, so most people just read
subject lines and read if pertinent.  So you're more likely
to get help if your subject line is specific enough for
someone to be able to tell if they have any expertise in
your issue.

Generally, for X issues, you'll probably want to provide
your XF86Config-4 file and the output of lspci and the
output of X -probeonly.

According to Hans-Peter Sulzer,
> Hi!
> I'm Peter. Sound works now again (I don't know why, but
> it works :-)).
> I know a little bit about Unix (e. g. ls, cp, cat, even:
> ~# cat <<EOF > ~/append_to_myfile
> I am appending to "append_to_myfile"
> A second line
> ~# cat ~/append_to_myfile
> I am appending to "append_to_myfile"
> A second line
> ~#
> (This is pure Martin F. Krafft syntax ? sorry for that -
> but it's cool.)
> Okay, now my problem:
> First: Sound works now again (I don't know why). I have
> adjusted my Debian installation to work with the native
> resolution of my notebook (1280x800), but the fonts look
> horrible :-( They are nearly unreadable :-( It seems,
> that antialising corrupts them - DUNNO.
> What must I supply, so that you can help me?
> Peter
> -- 
> peter_sulzer doesn't like spam and this is my domain:
> t-online.de


Best Regards,


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