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Re: mounting USB flash memory

On 7/30/05, Michal Hejduk <nezumi@volny.cz> wrote:
> Hallo,
> although I installed usbview and usbmount and other useful-looking
> programs for usb, I am not able to mount an usb flashdisk . I tried to
> mount it through console by "mount", but this attempt was unsuccesfull,
> because I don't know the name of this device in dev folder and flashdisk
> has strange filesystem called raw. Program USBview shows an USB-printer
> and joystick, but the flashdisk is missing.
> This problem appeared on the computer of my brother, and I'm
> interpreting his question, therefore the information written here may
> not be accurate. I don't have any problems with my usb driver on my
> computer - it's mistery for me, because the way of installation of Sarge
> on both computers was same.
> One more problem appeared on brother's computer: when I installed a
> kernel 2.6.8 and wanted to restart the system using this kernel, some
> error with mounting usb bus appeared. Then the computer freezed, so I
> must run only the kernel 2.4.
> Third problem: HP deskjet printer doesn't want to work. I have installed
> CUPS, then the printer was detected and mounted by this server
> (correctly). However when I try to print testing page, nothing happens.
> I think, this is also problem caused by USB.
> We have the newest Sarge. We are looking forward to your advice. Thank you.
> Nezumi and Dimes

linux user No.205042

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