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Re: installation of a package requests removal of a lot of packages

antgel wrote:

Adam Funk wrote:
Do I need to do anything to prepare to use aptitude, or will it pick up
everything in my sources.list and preferences files?  Does it use
apt-listbugs?  More or less the same way apt-get does?

You don't really need to prepare.  I'm not sure about apt-listbugs,
aptitude does use apt-listbugs and because aptitude knows what you are currently trying to install it is easier to adjust your intentions to the output of apt-listbugs. I guess with apt-get you could use command history but that doesn't directly help you with dependencies.

you'll have to try.  One thing some people don't like is that by
default, aptitude installs Suggests: as well as Depends: packages.
You could be right but I don't remember that happening.

Paul Scott

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