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knoppix DVD 4.0

Hi all. Just so you know, I'm a newbie, I downloaded,burned and booted
up with Knoppix 4.0 with no problems and have been using Linux for a
few days now. I've tried searching for my question but can't find a
definite answer yet, which is, since I'm running Knoppix from my DVD
Rom, and don't write anything to my HD, how do I update a program, or
add a program, I've read alot about apt-get but can't find out how to
or where to put this or a tutorial on how to use this update feature.
I'm going to get a USB flash drive in order to be able to save my
settings after I shut my computer off. Also what program can I use to
read newsgroups? I'm using Google Groups at the moment. Thanks.

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