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dual head video card

I have two 15" lcd monitors here.  I am buying an nVidia card to drive them.
I also use the S-Video out on the card quite often.  That is why I am
choosing nVidia, I am assuming that getting dual head, and S-Video up and
running will be easier using their linux drivers, than other combinations
of cards and drivers.  (I have always just used stock drivers, but have
never used dual screens in linux).  If you think another card type
(ati/matrox/etc) would be easier to setup, let me know.

I don't do any gaming on my computer, just programming and surf/email/etc.
The only 3D the card does, is when I fool around with OpenGL in spare time. 
I just need something to get me by, until I buy my next system (which will
likely be PCI-x not AGP).

Which card would be the best bang for my linux buck...
1. G4 MX 4000, 64 MB,  64 bit,  $35
2. GF Ti 4200, 64 MB,  128 bit, $45
3. GF FX 5200, 128 MB, 64bit,   $54
Do any of these cards have features that don't work in linux?

If you have a better idea let me know.



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